Upcoming events this year

  • Sæsonstart 2016

April 29th, Season start 2017

7 March, 2016|0 Comments

April 29th, is the opening day for the cablepark in 2017. We're exited to see what this year offers, and we really hope that you will drop by some time, and try wakeboarding. Bring some friends [...]

  • Event ladies night

1st Ladies Night 2017

7 March, 2016|0 Comments

This years first Ladies Night event is happening on June 18th. No men are welcome this evening, where we'll wakeboard and hang out. There will be some delicious food aswell.

  • Event ladies night

2nd Ladies Night 2017

7 March, 2016|0 Comments

Again this year we've decided to arrange 2 events - only for women. It takes place in the evening August 12th at 6 pm. Join us, and tell your friend about this event - it [...]

  • Eventet night wakeboard

Night Wakeboarding

7 March, 2016|0 Comments

On August 26nd, we're again this year organising Night Wakeboarding! We're opening the park around 18 (6 PM), and we'll wakeboard and hang out untill midnight. It's a really great experience and it's fun to [...]

News from Thy Cablepark

  • Sup boards i Thisted, THy Cablepark

Announcement: SUP boads in TCP

2 April, 2017|0 Comments

From this season and forward, you can rent SUP boards in Thy Cablepark! The cost is 250 DKK for a daily rent, and only 100 [...]

Small Kicker for Thy Cablepark

6 March, 2016|0 Comments

Here in the beginning of 2016, we've ordered another kicker: A "small kicker" from UNIT. Now we've got both a small and medium kicker, where [...]

  • Webbureauet Riis Media

New website from Riis Media

6 March, 2016|0 Comments

Mathias Riis, a member of our crew have in the beginning of 2016 created a new website for Thy Cablepark. In his daily life, he's [...]