What is Thy Cablepark?

Thy Caplepark is a new ”caplepark”, which is build in “synopal-havnen” in Thisted.

You can come by and try being pulled by the cable. It is like waterskiing after a boat, except that it is easier and much more fun in a cable park. If you’re unsure how it work – watch some videos!

Thy Cablepark is for everyone. We have a big terrace, a jetty, and all the equipment you need. There is space for everyone, something for every taste. This is for children, young people and families, as well as adults and older people.

Take a look around, watch some videos and stop by and try it out with some friends or family. We are looking forward to seeing you.


We have a port cabin that functions as clubhouse/kitchen and changing room with a shower (with warm water) and a toilet. The only things you need to bring is a towel and a great mood.

Food in Thy Cablepark

You can buy something to drink and bring your own food if you would like to. We have a refrigerator, a toaster and a grill- so you were welcome to bring food. We often drive by Kwix, a sandwich bar in Thisted, to get sandwiches or Paradise is.

Toilet, bad og klubhus


Note: Read more about all the new obstacles HERE!

At the moment we have 5 different obstacles! The 4 of them can be seen on the pictures:

  • Medium Kicker from UNIT, 400x200x105
  • Small Kicker from UNIT, 300x200x80
  • Ollie-box from UNIT, 1000x200x60
  • A “fun-box”, specially designed for Thy Cablepark
  • Tube, 10 meters long , about 60cm tall, used to slide on

We have something for everyone, whether you’re a pro wakeboarder og you’ve never tried it before.

Funbox speciel obstacle i TCP
Tuben/røret i TCP Ollie-box og kicker i kabelparken Thisted