Do you consider to try wakeboarding?

Most people think that wakeboarding is hard and not for them – and they’re really mistaking! If you’re enjoying when you’re going for a swin or if you like speed, action og water at all, you’ll probably enjoy wakeboarding alot! We’ve got sun, chill, music, happy and friendly people, lots of water & action on the water. It’s a nice place for entire families aswell, and there’s a place for everyone – young or old.

Take a look at some vidoes if you like – we hope to meet you soon!

Wakeboarding is NOT hard!

Maybe you’ve tried water skiing behind a boat? It’s not exatly easy to get up on the surface of the water. But wakeboarding in a cablepark, is actually really beginner friendly! Most of our visitors have never tried something similar to wakeboarding, but they can still get up and have a lot of fun, the very first time they try.

Wakeboarding is not that difficult or frightening. We have a so-called System 2.0, that only goes back and forth, and is controlled manually by one of our instructors. That means the grib/handle comes back to you, if you fall in the water – and you only have to swim a few meters. You are wearing a wetsuit, a vest, and a helmet, so you will float very easily.

The pull from the cable comes from above, which means that you easily are pulled up from the water and up on the board. You will get instructions and tips from our instructors, while you try it. That means you quickly will learn how to stand up and be able to enjoy the speed, thrill, and the experience.

Hey! If you’ve never tried wakeboarding, then this a good opportinity to try it out, in a safe and really beginner friendly environment. Just show up one in our opening hours, and have an awesome experience!