Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find some of the most common questions and answers. If you’re still in doubt about something, then feel free to call us or write a message.

What is Thy Cablepark?

Thy cablepark is an offer for water-interested people in all ages, with wakeboarding, swimming, kanoo/kayak, windsurf, SUP, beach area and great atmosphere. Read more about Thy Cablepark here.

What is system 2.0?

System 2.0 is a small course made for both beginners and experts. There is only one person dragged by he cable at a time, which makes it perfect for beginners. The entire thing is controlled by a control unit, which gives the wakeborder the best opportunities and provides a high level of safety.

Which obstacles do you have?

There are obstacles on the course, that the wakeboarder can use for jumping or doing tricks. We have; Ollie, kicker, pipe, and a very special obstacle with four corners. See our different obstacles here.

Is there requirements for the personel?

Yes! Thy Cablepark is driven by volunteers, all above 18 years old. All of our crewmembers are trained in handling the cable, so that everyone can have a safe and fun experience. Everyone have passed emergency treatment/first aid tests and different watersport tests

Is it safe enough?

Yes! We value the safety very high. All systems are certified by current rules and all demands for maintenance are followed. Everyone have to wear a helmet and a vest. The course is marked so that the bathing visitors can get to the user of the cable. We have a boat with emergency gear, and educated personnel.

Does the system make a lot of noise?

No. the cable is pulled by a 11 KW electrical engine, which is very environment friendly and also almost noise free (about 55 db). Our cable park have pros like: No use of fuel or boat, high preformance (overhead cable maximizes the chances for jumps and a long wakeboard ride), safety, respect for the environment.

Who can use Thy Cabepark – Cold Hawaii Inland?

The experience for the user is wide and everyone can practise the sport. We have a rule that children needs to be able to turn in the water with a wakeboard on, without physical help. the normal age children can handle the board is around 8 year old, but it varies from child to child. You can always ask us if you are in doubt.

What equipment do we have?

We have all the basic equipment. Helmet and vest are mandatory, you can borrow those from us for free. Use of our wakeboard is included in the price. You can rent wetsuits, wakeskate, waterskies, kneeboard, and prof wakeboard if you would like.

Can I use my own board?

Yes, but it needs to be checked and approved by the crew before you use it on our course. Our obstacles can get harmed by some boards. The board needs to have a flat bottom, and be build for the use of obstacles.

Can you change and shower?

Yes. We have hot water, a changing room and a toilet.

How do I pay?

You can pay in cash, with MobilePay or by transferring money.

Do you sell food?

Yes, but not always – ask the crew. You can enjoy your own food on the terrace or on the beach area, with a cop of free cup of coffee. You can always buy water and fizzydrinks. We can arrange food at events, for example Kwix-sandwiches. We do not have food in the club normally, although we sometimes get some in town if the visitors want it.