Overview of all the obstacles Thy Cablepark

We’ve got the following obstacles:

  • Medium Kicker from UNIT, 400x200x105
  • Small Kicker from UNIT, 300x200x80
  • Ollie-box from UNIT, 1000x200x60
  • Tube, 10 meter long tube that you an slide on
  • Pole jam from UNIT
  • Ollie barrier from UNIT
  • 25 meters long box, with a ton of options.

Obstacles in Thy Cablepark

Obstacles in Thy Cablepark Denmark

Photos of our obstacles


Small kicker – 360x200x86



Unit ollie barrier

UNIT ollie barrier


New custom made box from UNIT!

  • 22m long
  • 1,2m high
  • 2.4m wide
  • The stairs are ca 50cm wide. First step is ca 60cm high.
  • Pipe system 100x800cm

Ollie-box og kicker i kabelparken ThistedTuben/røret i TCP

UNIT pole jam

UNIT Pole Jam.

We’ve got something for everyone

We’ve got obstacles for you, no matter if you’ve never tried wakeboarding before or if you’re training for a championship. Drop by and give it a try!