Do you want to try wakeboarding?

You’re so very welcome to drop by when we’re open, and try wakeboarding! The opening hours is presented above, and you can see the pricing here.

The only requirement is, that you’re 8 years or older. Just show up within our opening hours and bring a towel – that’s it!

We’ve got all the needed equipment for you. If you’ve got a wakeboard og a wetsuit, feel free to bring that aswell.

Wakeboarding is for everyone!

Vi har rigtig mange ude at prøve, som aldrig nogensinde har prøvet vandski, snowboard eller noget der minder om wakeboard – og alligevel får de en kæmpe succesoplevelse – more about wakeboarding here.

Our setup here in Thy Cablepark, is very beginner friendly! You can read more about our facilities here.