Non-member pricing

  • 1 days access*
  • SUP boards 250 kr / daily

  • Incl. instruction, vest and helmet
  • Wetsuit included.
  • Wakeboard included.
  • See special-pricing below

Member pricing

  • 1 days access*
  • SUP boards, 100 DKK/daily
  • Incl. instruction, vest and helmet
  • Wetsuit included.
  • Wakeboard included.
  • Access for an entire season: 2000,-

Private event

25003 hours
  • Pricing for a private event: (min. 3 hours)**
  • Incl. instruction, vests, helmets and wetsuits for everyone
  • Coffee & music +0 kr 😉
  • Wakeboard included.
  • Extra hours: +800 kr
* Read more about memberships & daily access below
**Read more about renting the cablepark for private events here.

NB: If we have no visitors 1 hours before we close, we’ll close early. Allways check the calendar and Facebook for updated opening hours – we’ll allways annouce it there!

Information about pricing & daily access

In the section above, you can see the pricing.

“Daily Access” gives access to all our activities and all the needed equipment for 1 day. When we’re open, everyone is welcome to come and hang out, and those with access, will take turns on the cable.

If you’re unsure about something, write us a quick message on Facebook, email or call us. If you’re interested in a private event, where you’ve got the entire park alone, read more about it here


Membership of Thy Cablepark

A membership (read more) is priced at only 300 kr for everyone! Everyone can become a member, and it gives you some serious discounts:

  • Daily access for only 150 DKK instead of 250 DKK!
  • You can buy yearly access for only 2000 DKK! (except week 28-29-30-31)
  • Rent SUP board for only 100 DKK / day.
  • Free access to all our events!

Special pricing

Family discount: Children under 15 years, thats with a paying adult, can buy daily access for only 100 DKK

Test run: You can buy a test drive/run, which included all equipment and instruction for 100 DKK. If you like it, you can simply just upgrade to daily access, by paying the remaining 150 DKK.

Cheap membership: As explained above, you can upgrade test runs to daily access. You can also upgrade daily access to membership, for only +50 DKK. (300 DKK for an entire day with everything included + membership). All your future daily access’ will only cost 150DKK, when you’re a member!