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  • Sæsonstart 2016

Vinter badning for alle

Igen i år kan du nyde sauna og fjord i Thycablepark. Meld dig ind og få fordele fra dag 1. Se mere her:

  • Sup boards i Thisted, THy Cablepark

Announcement: SUP boads in TCP

From this season and forward, you can rent SUP boards in Thy Cablepark! The cost is 250 DKK for a daily rent, and only 100 DKK for members of TCP. Read more about SUP boards here

  • Webbureauet Riis Media

New website from Riis Media

Mathias Riis, a member of our crew have in the beginning of 2016 created a new website for Thy Cablepark. In his daily life, he's running his business Riis Media, where he's creating websites for smaller businesses and organisations. If [...]