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About Thy Cablepark

At Thy Cablepark we’re grateful for all the support, that made it possible for us to become Denmark’s Water skiing & wakeboard union in 2014. Thanks to our sponsors, our crew, members and not least: our happy and fantastic guests.

We’ve just aquired a lot of new equipment for the 2016 season! New wakeboards, wet suits, helmets and vests, thats just waiting for you to use. Therefor we’re looking forward to welcome you in Thy Cablepark!

If you like water, then we’re sure wakeboarding will be a really awesome experience for you to try! It’s easy to get started on our system, and Thy Cablepark is a really nice and comfortable place to hang out in the summer!

Take a look around at our website, and find out what we stand for, and what we can offer you. We can’t wait to see you out here! #JoinInWakeOut!

Webbureauret Riis Media logoOur website is kindly made by Riis Media, which is owned by our previous crew-member, Mathias Riis

Videos from preview seasons

Below from championsship 2019 – A 1 minute Must Watch!

News from Thy Cablepark

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