Winter swimming at Thy Cablepark

Experience Unique Winter Magic from October 1 to March 31

Welcome to the winter swimming season at Thy Cablepark, where we have created a unique experience for you from October 1 to March 31. Dive into the cool water and enjoy our fantastic facilities that will make your winter memorable.

Membership and Price: Join here on our website for only DKK 600, equivalent to DKK 100 per month. A membership gives you access to exclusive facilities and a special winter swimming experience.

Be Considerate and Save Energy: To create a harmonious atmosphere and save as much energy as possible, we encourage shared use of the sauna. Remember, maximum 1 hour of use per user to allow everyone to enjoy the facilities.

Immerse yourself in the magic of winter swimming at Thy Cablepark, where we create memorable moments and a sense of community amidst the chilly season. Welcome to an extraordinary winter experience!

Everything You Need To Know

Bathing advice and safety: Your safety is our priority. Read our swimming advice and safety instructions in the attached PDF to ensure a safe winter swimming experience.

Recommended swimming areas: Explore three different winter swimming spots and find the one that best suits your preference:

  1. Directly in front of the sauna: Calm water and close to the sauna.
  2. By the stairs to the right by the control tower:
  3. At the beach: Walk quietly onto the sandy bottom, even if it’s a little further to the sauna.

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