Sparekassen Thy boosts water sports experiences as main sponsor for Thy Cablepark – Cold Hawaii Inland

Thy Cablepark has just announced Sparekassen Thy as main sponsor. Debt
partnership is an important step in the park’s continued development and work towards an even better
offer to the local community.
Sparekassen Thy has been a loyal supporter of Thy Cablepark since its inception,
and their ongoing commitment has been a crucial factor in the park’s success.
Thy Cablepark is proud to have signed a new 4-year sponsorship agreement with
Sparekassen Thy, signaling a mutual trust and a desire to continue the
positive development.
In addition to being the main sponsor of Thy Cablepark – Cold Hawaii Inland, Thy
Sparekassen Thy a special pat on the back and support for the park’s offer for the youngest – “Plask
Splash & Play teams that offer fun water activities for children aged 6-12 years. “Splash & Play”
offer already started last year and was very popular among young people who are happy to
Playing in the water.
“We are incredibly grateful for our collaboration with Sparekassen Thy,” says Alicja
Cupial, manager of Thy Cablepark. “Their values of family, community and
activities for children and families are in line with our own and we look forward to continuing
our partnership in the coming years.”
The collaboration between Thy Cablepark and Sparekassen Thy is an example of how
local businesses and organizations can join forces to promote local development and
Create meaningful experiences for the local community.
“Thy Cablepark is a place where everyone is welcome. Our goal has always been to create a
place that contributes to the development of the local community. To achieve that goal, we work
constantly on the development of both different association activities, and also on bringing large
national and international events to Thy Cablepark-Cold Hawaii Inland. We are
very proud of the great support we get from Sparekassen Thy”- says Thomas Bruhn
Helleberg, Chairman of the Board of Thy Cablepark.
Thy Cablepark is looking forward to welcoming Sparekassen Thy as main sponsor for
the 10th season and to continue to create unforgettable moments on the water for